Bold Text

Bold Text are working playwrights who aim to create more opportunities and new    platforms for our work in the Midlands and beyond.    

Behind Bars Ghosts of The Lock Up Leaflet FRONT

                 BOLDtext’s BEHIND BARS Ghosts of the Lock-Up Directed by Jo Gleave             @ Steelhouse Lane Lock Up 2018


                            Ashleigh Aston and Vimal Korpal in Taking Care of Business                               Directed by Clare Smout for BOLDtext’s A MOUTHFUL OF RHINESTONES @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2018


Shannon Anthony in The Invariant Right Directed by Janice Connolly for BOLDtext’s INSATIABLE @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2017


Miriam Edwards and Greg Hobbs in Mademoiselle F Directed by Ola Animashawun for BOLDtext’s DISORDER @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2016

Eurotrashed Flyer Front

Glastonbury Directed by Bob Eaton for BOLDtext’s EUROTRASHED @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2016


Janice McKenzie and Mark Carey rehearsing All Is Well Directed by Mark Evans for BOLDtext’s Doubled Up @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2016


Aimee Powell in The Arnolfini Portrait Directed By Peter Leslie Wild for BOLDtext’s LEAP @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2016

A5 Front of SUNSTROKE at the REP copy (1)

I’m Staying Directed by Jessica Dromgoole for BOLDtext’s Sunstroke @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2015


Sonia Ritter, Shannon Anthony & Dan Hagley in an act of determining the total number of  something Directed by Ali Belbin for BOLDtext’s The Russell Brand Effect @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2015


The Other Me Directed by Ola Animashawun for BOLDtext’s Selfies @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2014 (Warwick Words 2015, Shop Front Theatre  & Writers in Warwickshire 2016)

Sonia Ritter in A Diary Without Dates

Sonia Ritter in A Diary Without Dates Directed by Vanessa Oakes for BOLDtext @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2014

If you would like to read one  of the plays listed above or are interested in obtaining the performing rights email me:


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